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Obsercom LLC is a privately owned company that leverages the experience of its consultants to supply advanced Information Technology services to global enterprises and service providers.

Obsercom LLC supplies high quality professional services to companies in Asia, Europe and North America. The corporation's founder, Barry J. Stanton, has successfully delivered IT services for over 30 years to companies in the aerospace, education, energy, financial, health care, manufacturing, telecommunications, and technology industries and continues to successfully deliver turnkey IT services.

Obsercom LLC was founded on a commitment to supply on-time, on-budget, variable cost services to its customers, while recognizing the need to supply IT services to organizations that are unable to afford such services. Through its Network Consultant Area Network (NCAN), Obsercom LLC has devoted 10% of its resources to supplying network services to organizations unable to afford high quality industry expertise and continues to promote mass deployment of advanced IT infrastructures and management systems around the world.

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